The prices for participating in the event and short courses are listed bellow. The prices in parenthesis are for SBC and ACM associates.

Promotional (Jun-20 to Jul-10)

- SBBD R$ 382,00 (R$ 323,00)*
- Short course (each) R$ 120,00 (R$ 100,00)*
Graduate student
- SBBD R$ 187,00 (R$ 161,00)*
- Short course (each) R$ 90,00 (R$ 70,00)*
Undergraduate student
- SBBD R$ 76,00 (R$ 59,00)*
- Short course (each) R$ 70,00 (R$ 50,00)*

First Round (Jul-11 to Aug-27)

- SBBD R$ 450,00 (R$ 380,00)*
- Short course (each) R$ 120,00 (R$ 100,00)*
Graduate student
- SBBD R$ 220,00 (R$ 190,00)*
- Short course (each) R$ 90,00 (R$ 70,00)*
Undergraduate student
- SBBD R$ 90,00 (R$ 70,00)*
- Short course (each) R$ 70,00 (R$ 50,00)*

Second Round (Aug-28 to Sep-20)

- SBBD $ 520,00 (R$ 440,00)*
- Short course (each) R$ 140,00 (R$ 115,00)*
Graduate student
- SBBD R$ 250,00 (R$ 220,00)*
- Short course (each) (cada) R$ 100,00 (R$ 80,00)*
Undergraduate student
- SBBD R$ 100,00 (R$ 80,00)*
- Short course (each) R$ 80,00 (R$ 60,00)*

Third Round (Sep-21 to Oct-06)

- SBBD R$ 580,00 (R$ 490,00)*
- Short course (each) R$ 160,00 (R$ 130,00)*
Graduate student
- SBBD R$ 280,00 (R$ 250,00)*
- Short course (each) R$ 110,00 (R$ 90,00)*
Undergraduate student
- SBBD R$ 120,00 (R$ 100,00)*
- Short course (each) R$ 90,00 (R$ 70,00)*

The registration in the event includes:

  • Access to all technical sections (including Workshops);
  • International talks;
  • Participant materials;
  • Event proceedings with the published papers;
  • Coffee-breaks.

If you need a registration receipt before the event date, you can send an email to asking for the receipt. In the email, you have to provide your personal information (name, address and passport number) and yours institute information (name and address).


More information soon!


For registering in a short course, you have to register in the event. For each short course, there is an individual price.


At least one author of each accepted paper must register in the event. The registration must be done until 2nd of August in order to appear in the event proceedings.


* Students must send a document attesting they are students to in order to get the discount. The documents must arrive one week before the event start.

** There is a limited number of registrations for undergraduate students. Therefore, you have to register as soon as possible in order to guarantee your registration!


The deadline for the registration refund request must be up to one week before the event and the maximum amount to be reimbursed will be 80%, the remaining 20% ​​is to cover the administrative costs of registration.


  • The registrations for the event are limited. After this limit, no more registrations will be accepted.;
  • The conference dinner will be in the evening of the 6th of October (Thursday) and it is not included in the registration price. The dinner tickets will be available soon;
  • The lunch is not included in the registration. There are several options for lunch near the event site.